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Our Mission: At CMC Consultants we strive to establish strong and lasting relationships with our clients by providing unparalleled quality, value, and performance. With each assignment, we uncover unlimited human potential in business, challenging and unlocking the capabilities of top talent, resulting in great achievements. Join us as we set the standard for excellence in the industry.

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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The Team

dedication. passion. expertise. 

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Sherri Nemirow | Managing Partner    

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E:         C: 312.670.6363

Sherri is fueled by her passion as Managing Partner and is recognized by others as a leading business owner; both clients and candidates respond well to her welcoming and engaging demeanor as well as her forthcoming approach. Sherri’s success stems from her strong market knowledge and abilities to connect and evaluate a candidate. Sherri graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business from the University of Missouri and prior to joining CMC, she served as the Administrative Manager for a Chicago radio station and the HR Manager for Global Healthcare Advertising Agency. When she is not in the office, you can find Sherri trying every new and hip restaurant in the city.

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Joel Nemirow | Executive Recruiter     

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 E:              C: 312.343.3712

A Loyola University graduate with both undergraduate and master's degrees, Joel brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for growth to his role. Before joining CMC Consultants, he served as the President of A-N Parts and Service Company, Inc., gaining valuable insights into business leadership and relationship building. His exceptional people skills and calm demeanor have made him a trusted figure for over 15 years, especially during a time when personal connection is paramount. Joel's meticulous approach to matching candidates with ideal positions highlights his commitment to ensuring a perfect fit. His story from Loyola to CMC Consultants Inc. is a testament to his adaptability and dedication to making a positive impact in the world of executive recruitment.

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Allison Lazo | Executive Recruiter   

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E:       C: 213.284.2308

Allison earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from National Louis University in Chicago. Her reputation is built on her unwavering work ethic, characterized by a commitment to consistently delivering high-quality results and exceptional client care, regardless of the industry.One of her standout attributes is her innate talent for building meaningful connections with individuals, making her a particularly well-suited candidate for roles in Human Resources, with a specific aptitude for recruitment. Outside of her professional endeavors, Allison finds joy in spending time with her puppy, engaging in invigorating workouts, and embarking on adventures alongside her husband while exploring new destinations.

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Jill Tobias | Managing Partner      

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E:               C: 847.738.9354

Jill is esteemed for her warm, passionate and focused approach as a business owner in the executive search industry. She shows her continued commitment to highly personalized recruitment by ensuring the quality and promising the long-term success of any project. She graduated with an honors degree in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and in her previous role before joining CMC, she was the manager of a top Chicago temporary recruitment firm. Jill is always reading the latest books, watching the newest movies and you can always give her a call for the best and current fashion tips.

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Jennie Cohen | Executive Recruiter 

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 E:          C: 312.543.5364

Jennie specializes in creating a welcoming and exciting experience for candidates, ensuring they feel comfortable and enthusiastic about the roles and companies she represents.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing from Indiana University, Jennifer brings a strong educational foundation to her role. Her approach to recruitment is marked by professionalism, humanity, enthusiasm, and a genuine sense of joy in every interaction. Jennifer's expertise goes beyond matching business needs; she places a significant emphasis on understanding the potential and aspirations of candidates. Her skills extend to areas such as Microsoft Word, Sales, Team Building, Fundraising, and Management. Her commitment to both candidates and clients continues to drive our success.

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